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The "Garden Party" Collection

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“Garden Party” is a charming little collection of summer sun dresses.

Demi-Divas by Durelle has created this sweet little assortment of fun floral fashions for “Chic Indulgence” with budget pricing. They were quick to make and delightful for your dolls to wear and have been priced to sell for $50 each including shipping.

Each fashion includes dress, gauntlets and an over sized garden hat. They will fit most 16” fashion dolls and BJD. I had so much fun making them; I found it hard to stop. I still have 2 more unfinished on my sewing table. Most of my unique OOAK designs have so much time and money invested in them that they are unaffordable to some of my clientele. This affordable fashion collection was born from this need.

This is a great opportunity for you to own a “Chic Indulgence” OOAK fashion at a reasonable price. Click on each pic to view a page showing more details of each fashion.


Sorry but all of these outfits have been sold now. If you are interested let me know I have 2 unfinished on my sewing table.


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Demi-Divas by Durelle

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