"Demi-Divas" by Durelle


Chic Indulgencesí Steampunk Couture invites you to step right up and witness this bazaar steamy world that never happened as we bring it into reality.


Fashion for Phineas Bennett

"The Carnival Collection"


"Octopus Wrestler"

A carnival of wonders awaits you after Dark where you will be entertained by a circus of oddities and artistic inventions when the showboat steams into the riverís edge. Step right up and meet the "Octopus Wrestler", who wrangles and tames the wild aquatic creatures they encounter as they travel down the Mississippi.

This over the top fashion Extravaganza features steampunk styling with a carnival twist.



The costume includes tea stained brown striped pants and a cream silk shirt. A chocolate brown leather vest has been decorated with assorted watch parts, lots of top stitching and pockets Accented with matching wrist cuffs and belt. Strapped to his leg is a leather holster that holds a modified steampunk weapon and the typical steamy goggles dangle from around his neck. The extraordinary knee high lace up spats (shoes not included) are made from the same chocolate leather as the vest. Topping off this heroic steamy fashion is a black top hat accented with a tassel and watch parts. Also include with this fashion is a possible OOAK stuffed octopus.

(This fashion fits any Tonner male with the Matt body.)

$150 + shipping and insurance

Email me at durelle_deco@yahoo.com

Pay Pal Accepted

Email for information if you have an interest in this diorama back drop

Demi-Divas by Durelle

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