"Demi-Divas" by Durelle



Chic Indulgences’ Steampunk Couture invites you to step right up and witness this bazaar steamy world that never happened as we bring it into reality.

Fashions for Ellowyne

"The Carnival Collection"


"Riverboat Queen"

A carnival of wonders awaits you after Dark where you will be entertained by a circus of oddities and artistic inventions when the showboat steams into the river’s edge. Step right up and meet the Riverboat Queen, who plays the fiddle and dances a jig while balancing on the showboat gangway.

This over the top fashion Extravaganza features steampunk styling with a carnival twist.

This fashion includes a cream color silk blouse with mutton sleeves accented with tiny gears on the cuff and a chocolate brown leather corset with buckles and straps which laces up the back with grommets and a leather cord. The bustle is created with 4 gathered layers of tea stained brown stripe with lace trim over brown tulle. The front is accented with a brown silk swag overlay with gold fringe held up with brass colored gears. Also included in this steamy costume is a black top hat accented with brown tulle and a collage of gears and watches parts. As a special feature a steampunk modified violin and bow have been designed to show off the riverboat queen’s talent. Completing the look are black fishnet stockings (shoes and doll not included)


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Demi-Divas by Durelle

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